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How to use simmering granules

Hello there Sniffters, if you’ve just dropped in to find out how to use Simmering Granules, you’re going to be delighted to find out just how easy it is, and why it’s an awesome choice for your home fragrance needs. Not only are they super easy to use but they are much cleaner and greener than most alternative fragrance products.
Simmering Granules are a natural salt-based product with added fragrance, safe, clean and ready to use straight from the packet. You don’t need to add any water, just a couple of teaspoons of granules to the reservoir a top the oil burner. Then light the tealight in the well underneath to enjoy your favourite aroma.
Use the granules in your oil burners or diffusers and they will release the scent gradually over several hours. Our Simmering Granules are an effortless way to get rid of annoying cooking or tobacco smells and leave your rooms smelling great. You can also use them in ashtrays, including your car ashtray, because it’s just like potpourri, wonderful 🙂

Cleaner, Safer & Naturally Friendly Simmering Granules

Because Simmering Granules are salt based, they do not melt or dry out and leave very little to no residue in the bowl of your burner. So they are extremely clean and convenient to use and an excellent less messy alternative compared to scented wax melts or fragrance oils.
Once the fragrance has gone simply throw them away. Any left-over residue can be easily disposed of as they are biodegradable, so not harmful to the environment and with the added bonus of making your bin smell nice!
Wipe the bowl with a tissue or a cloth, then replace with 1-2 teaspoons of fresh Simmering Granules, light the tealight underneath, sit back, relax and enjoy the scentsual journey. It’s all in the sniff…..

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